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What is the Radio Traffic Agency?

Radio Traffic is a press agency of the ACI group specializing in info-mobility and the means it uses to communicate are audio and video news, dynamic maps and Web application. The goal is to keep users up to date on the flow and on road mobility and to publish the latest information about traffic conditions.
Traffic information is provided in real time through interactive maps and navigation services, with a direct and always updated data flow.

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The management of a large multitude of data, such as those on national mobility, can be an important challenge to be met.
Radio Traffic turned to us because it found different critical issues on its legacy software: an expensive maintenance, a fast loss of effectiveness of the technologies used, security holes and a excessive Time to Market. It was evident they had an immediate need for a platform of new generation!

The main goal was to develop a stable and fast platform, capable of support the large bulk of incoming data, coming from different sources, and outgoing data for all connected users from different devices on different platforms.

How to create such complex software?

Organizing activities in short two-week development cycles each, to optimize the product's inception.

Radio Traffic interface
Radio Traffic
Radio Traffic


To meet our customer's need, we created GArt, the new platform with a new name, which in just over 6 months became a complete and operational solution.

We have built an infrastructure capable of managing and presenting contents and events to a very high number of users.
GArt retrieves information from external sources: municipal police, 118 emergency, motorway concessionaires, CCISS traveling informed, ANAS, ACI, ENAC and Civil Protection. These data are connected via API to different channels, such as the web portal, totems, newsletters and a mobile application.

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GArt is a product made with a microservices architecture, distributed in the Cloud on AWS infrastructure and developed in Continuous Delivery for a rapid time to market.
The user interface is developed through Angular, the Google framework, while the backend in Java and nodejs. The system is distributed through Docker containers on ECS clusters.
GART is built on top of another product from SoftInstigate, called RESTHeart.

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