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AWS DocumentDB
Azure Cosmos DB


First 2014
Last 2021

What is RESTHeart?

RESTHeart is an Open Source runtime highly suited for back end microservices. It leverages MongoDB to provide a full data API. Get the 80% common requirements out-of-the-box and easily extend the API for the 20%.

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When you approach the creation of a new software product for the web, there are development phases from which you cannot ignore that will be used for the functioning of what you are creating. These always cause a slowdown in the design and very often are developed using obsolete methods, which lower the performance and potential of the entire platform. Hence the challenge: how to simplify the connections between the data on the web pages and the database?

One of Softinstigate's strengths is its attention to time-to-market. Being fast in the realization of complex products and respecting the customer's needs is an important focus of our philosophy.

How to convey our approach and make it available to any programmer?

By creating a backend for web and mobile apps, which radically simplifies development and distribution! Why design your platform from scratch if you can make use of a completely free service that uses the latest and most performing technologies that the internet has to offer? The goal was to build a stable, flexible and intuitive system, to allow any programmer to create modern apps by installing his already fully interconnected backend, within a few minutes.

$ http GET'{"from":"Bob"}'\&pagesize=2 key:demo

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    # other response headers omitted
            "_id": {
                "$oid": "5c50963e477870eb8258fa68"
            "from": "Bob", 
            "message": "was here", 
            "timestamp": {
                "$date": 1548785214114
            "_id": {
                "$oid": "5c50962f477870eb8258fa54"
            "from": "Bob", 
            "message": "RESTHeart rocks", 
            "timestamp": {
                "$date": 1548785199983


First we thought about the technologies that we could have used for such an ambitious project. MongoDB turned out to be our ideal partner.

Taking advantage of its document-oriented nature, we were able to create an automatic mapping, linking data to HTTP resources. Through a simple and fast REST & GraphQL API, to read and write data through HTTP calls, the product we have developed allows you to run and distribute micro-services at the speed of a click.

What are the advantages? Ensuring that all developers who use this product will not only have considerable time savings, but will deliver something snappy, in which every single service is separate and interconnected to the others. This allows you to manipulate every part of the finished product, without affecting the rest of what has been done.

But why stop at the foundations of the software project? Every single function that the programmer wants to implement has been made available, simply by adding single Java plug-ins. This has made RESTHeart a 360 ° development platform.

Used Technology


RESTHeart is tailored for the JVM, GraalVM, Docker and Kubernetes, crafted from best of breed Java libraries, designed to radically simplify server-side development and deployment.

  • Written in Java 16
  • Built on top of RedHat’s Undertow non-blocking HTTP server.
  • Uses MongoDB and compatible databases for data persistence.
  • Fully stateless.
  • Can be packaged as a Docker container.
  • Can be easily deployed both on Cloud and on premises.

RESTHeart introductory video in English

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