The team

Andrea Di Cesare - Managing Director

Andrea Di Cesare

Managing Director

Stereo and vinyl are my passion, I’m an audiophile. I love the sound made by fingers on the keyboard. Commit!
java -jar restheart.jar

Maurizio Turatti - Partner

Maurizio Turatti


When I’m not deploying in production devote myself to skiing, motorcycling and trekking. Microservices!
terraform init && terraform fmt -recursive

Manuela Mosesso - Consulente legale

Manuela Mosesso

Legal counsel

Relevant, determined and friendly I’m a careful contract debugger. What outside of work? I love animals!
mvn -Dtest = TestContract test

Omar Trasatti - Developer

Omar Trasatti


What sets me apart? I’m ambitious, determined and curious, always to the top. I’m a singing fan.
docker build -t "${IMAGE}"

Stanislav Antokhi - Developer

Stanislav Antokhi


I like challenges, I'm competitive and I always try to improve myself. I'm interested in reading and running.
place-items: center

Simone Marrone - Developer

Simone Marrone


I’m a genuine super nerd, multitasking and geek. What outside of technology? I play guitar and listen to a lot of music.
aws configure set preview.cloudfront true

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