• Serverless

    We implement Java and Node.js "Zero Operations" Cloud solutions on AWS.

  • Microservices

    We design modular, loosely coupled architectures based on Docker containers.

  • MongoDB

    We created RESTHeart, the leading REST API Server for MongoDB.

  • JAMstack

    Modern Web development architecture, based on JavaScript, APIs and prebuilt Markup.

Design and rapid development of cloud-native digital products.

We are the company behind RESTHeart - the open source REST API Server for MongoDB.

We believe in simpler and more sustainable ways of working. We are inspired by the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

What we do

We give concrete shape to ideas, adopting an iterative process inspired by the "Lean Startup" approach.


We take a business vision and we map it on a technical path. We spread it along a viable roadmap.


We act on people, processes and platforms and define the technical architecture.


We setup and manage the teams in charge of developing and operating the product.

Software architecture is those decisions which are both important and hard to change.
Martin Fowler

How we work

We reduce the time between the conception of a new feature and its deployment.


We work in iterative and incremental mode, eliminating waste and concentrating on continuous delivery of value.


We are specialized in the development of Serverless systems and Microservices with AWS API Gateway, Lambda and Docker containers.


We design public, accessible and programmable interfaces, exposing data and services in maximum security


We build collaborative systems for development, integration and continuous delivery of tested and functioning software.

A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
Eric Ries


We put our principles into practice by building concrete products.


RESTHeart is the leading REST API Server for MongoDB. It allows Web and Mobile Apps to access the database via simple HTTP calls.


GART is a real-time traffic events analysis platform, adopted by major companies to manage situations in DATEX and other formats.


Download Croqqer and re-discover the value of your local community. Look for help or put your talent at the disposal of those who need it.


GApp enables companies to make informed choices early in the design process of products, achieving the best positive effect on the sustainability impact along their entire lifecycle.

Muoversi In Campania

"Muoversi In Campania" is a traffic and public transportation service. It provides real-time information concerning possible variations and disturbances of the regional transport system.

"Muoversi In Campania" App

This Mobile app, designed for iOS, Android & Windows Phone, is the complementary Mobile service for the "Muoversi" Web site.



Our Manifesto