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Amazon Web Service
Mongo Atlas

First release


What’s AutoInRete?

AutoInRete’s business model is to buy and sell used-cars with confidential information. It’s from Sermetra group, the bigger branch network about car paperworks. AutoInRete offers its services to both retailers and private users. The interface is available for all, but negotiations are reserved to registered users.

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Main goal was to expand AutoInRete's business by allowing private users to do sales operations that at the start of the project were available only for companies, dealerships and car retailers.

In order to best perform website usability also for private users, we implemented a quick and simplified car evaluation service that works just with license plate and kilometers covered.

In addition, the platform ought to go up about sources that push adv and improve control systems and adv validations.

Another goal was redesign the platform, in order to make it quick and scalable by using an API system re-usable also from the mobile application.

AutoInRete back-end interface


To meet the needs we divided the development into three steps.

During the first step we developed the new cloud infrastructure sure it was scalable, preventing the new AutoInRete’s private services launch. Then we migrated the old platform into the new solution. In that step we did an API redesign, using the minimum time needed for the back-end, thanks to RESTHeart. In that way we shot down the server-side development costs, to less than 5% of the total. We did the first production release in just 3 months.

In the second step, we worked on enabling services for private users. We’d quickly develop that user profile by using Auth0 service. We created user services using AWS’s Lambda, to a fast car evaluating. We used RESTHeart functionalities to manage user authentications and permissions through JSON Web Token, that allows us to briefly implement backend private user functionalities.

In the third step we migrated all the adv from new sources and private users on the new validation system. We used Cloudinary to evaluate and verify processes automating, in that way we ruled out manual intervention. That improvement broke down the adv evaluating cost.

In that project we worked on a pre-existing product and, starting development in half September 2019, did the time-to-market in December.

Used Technology


AutoInRete exploits the Silver DAT Finance system to work out a price based on car value, using a database that collects information about car state, for more than 30 years. We worked at the same time on 12 GIT repositories of BitBucket, on which we activated the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes, on different production environments. We used the Amazon Web Service infrastructure for main software services, MongoDB Atlas for database “managed services”, Cloudinary for image managing, Auth0 for the authentication and the managing of application Single Sign On (SSO) and Site 24x7 as external monitoring service.

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